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15/30/45 Clock Hrs

This course is designed to give students an opportunity to master the skills of keying and formatting documents using the “touch” method of key stroking. Speed and accuracy are emphasized. Basic computer concepts are incorporated into this course. Prerequisites: none


Basic Computers
15 Clock Hrs

This is a beginning course in the windows operating system, Topics include working in the windows graphical user interface, managing, creating, copying, deleting, moving, renaming files and folders and customizing the windows desktop. This class is offered in English and Spanish prerequisite: IT-100 or permission from the instructor.


Intro to Windows
30 Clock Hrs

This course introduces students to the proper use and operation microcomputers. Topics include customizing the desktop, formatting disks, using file management procedures, and creating backups are a part of the introduction to personal computer operating procedures. Prerequisite: IT-101 or permission from the instructor


Intro to Computing
IC3 45 Clock Hrs

A survey course discussing computing terminology, components, programming concepts, and the computer's integration into business activities. Laboratory experience includes word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software and databases. Prerequisites: IT-101 or permission from the instructor

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