What is the IT HelpDesk Certificate Program?

IT Helpdesk is a combination of a variety of technical skill sets needed for the Hepdesk support field. Certification standards from CompTIA, Microsoft, Google and the Helpdesk institute. WinCertification has combine these certifications to create the Helpdesk certificate. 

Course Description

The HelpDesk Certificate program is designed to introduce the core Helpdesk concept from a small business to enterprise level. This includes a breakdown of the help desk tools they can expect to see when working in a support role. The course is available via e-Learning and Distance Education.

Course Outcomes

  • Capstone project and field technician internship  
  • Understand how to select and use computers
  • Learn to use the Internet, email, and selected applications software for end user support
  • Troubleshoot software, hardware and network issues.
  • Understand selected emerging computer technologies and related issues
  • Learn Remote IT help desk techniques through telephone and web interfaces.

Course Topics

  • CompTIA A+ or Network+ Certification (40 Clock hrs)
  • Helpdesk 101 or Helpdesk Certification (15 Clock Hrs)
  • Microsoft Technical Certification (15 Clock Hrs)
  • MOS Certification: MS Word or MS Excel (15 Clock hrs)
  • Capstone Project (15 Clock Hrs)
  • Field Technician Internship (15 Clock hrs)

Total Clock hrs: 115
Total Tuition cost is $3450
Total Certification fees is $650

This Course is for… 

  • Professionals interested in becoming an Helpdesk Technicians 
  • Student who are looking for some technical experience
  • individuals who are re-entering the workforce in the technology field