Computer Services

WinCertification provides computer technical support for your office or home. Whether you need to install a printer or set up a network, we can be of great service. Our friendly technical support specialists are PC/LAN-certified, A+ certified, and experienced.

Laptop and Desktop Repair
We’re problem solvers. Whether it’s your business laptop that shuts down by itself, or your child’s computer teaming with viruses and spyware, we can get your computer up and running.

Often a computer upgrade will dramatically increase the performance of your computer. We’ll give you the advice you need to make an upgrade decision, purchase the parts you need, and install them for you on-site or in our office.

Lost Password, Data Recovery & Backup
If you lost your password, we can recover your password. We are able to properly migrate and import your personal documents, pictures, music, and emails.

We can also perform a US Department of Defense level, secure deletion of entire hard drives, and make sure your old computer or external drive doesn’t still have private data that can be recovered by someone else.

New Laptop or Computer Setup
If you just purchase a new computer, printer, or router; we can help you set it up and even show you how to do it.

Simple Pricing Plan $100 Flat fee
If you have a damaged or broken computer, don’t give up on it just yet. We can restore your computer to proper working order. Wincertification offers a simple pricing plan for Computer Repair by Appointment, $100 Flat fee, with parts extra (if needed) Laptop or Desktop.